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Shimomura co., ltd. has engaged in manufacturing knives and metalware for over 50 years.

For our main products, kitchen knives, we are competitiveness in its quality and sales in the Japanese market.

We have developed the technologies for manufacturing of knives and blades and are finding an application possibility to new business and applying our competitiveness.

We established Shimomura co., (HK) ltd. in 1994 and a factory in China in 1995, which boosted our price competitiveness and sales channels  overseas.

Through our history, we have concluded we should continue developing the technology and variety of items to propose solid satisfaction to customers.


At present, metal industries in Sanjo, especially knives have been recognized throughout not only Japan but the world.
1874 Eizo SHIMOMURA began making metalware as a blacksmith in Sanjo.
1937 Eizo SHIMOMURA‚Ö° (a grand son of Eizo SHIMOMURA) began making sickles.
1945 Began making forged knives.
1956 Established SHIMOMURA industrial co., ltd. and began production of stainless steel kitchen knives.
1959 Began production of kitchenware.
1966 Built present 1st plant in Sanjo city.
1977 Began production of appliance blades.
1979 Established SHIMOMURA Kihan co., ltd. in Tsubame city.
1986 Established 2nd plant for the production of plasticware.
1990 SHIMOMURA industrial co., ltd. increased its capital to 99.9M JPY.
1994 SHIMOMURA Kihan co., ltd. increased its capital to 80M JPY.
1994 Established SHIMOMURA co., (HK) ltd.
1995 Established Shajing Bogang SHIMOMURA manufactory in China.

Began production of precision tools for industrial machines.









Sanjo City

Metalware products from Sanjo city have been famously known.
The history of blacksmith industries in Sanjo can be traced back to the Year 1625 (more than 280 years ago).
Before 1625, Sanjo area was just farmland where people suffered from frequent floods from the IKARASHI-river.
"Seibei OTANI" brought nail makers from Edo (Tokyo) and developed metal industries in this area and created barriers in order to save the flooded rice paddies.
At present, metal industries in Sanjo, especially knives have been recognized throughout not only Japan but the world.