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1) Design of blade

Among knives, peelers and appliance blades, there are many differences such as the shape, material and manufacturing conditions.

We at Shimomura Corp. are skillful professionals and adhere to the best approach according to functionality and cost performance.




2) Edge finishing

Edge finishing, which involves a chemical and manual process, is the most important technique in creating the sharpest edge.

Among all the techniques used, we have concluded that Japanese traditional finishing is the best answer for every technical question.

We have the best finishings to create the strongest and sharpest blades.





3) Quality control

We have developed the Japanese standard of quality control.
We believe statistical tools (Cpk method and control chart method etc.) are the keys for quality and credibility in designing and production.

We have instruments and skills to analyze the properties of blades.

Furthermore, we are studying and developing new methods continuously.



4) Product development

Our experiences and world-wide network connections through our long history help us meet the various needs and strategies of our customers.